#4 The Rose Garden


‘The Rose Garden’ dress is almost naturally crying out for the addition of real beautiful roses. When the garment was produced, the flower pattern was partly cut off, hence, the hemline shows only half of a blossom or leaf. This interruption of the print asked for an extension (or rather completion) which is made by adding leaves and petals.

This arrangement was almost too pretty to destroy, but all the more I can’t wait for the flower buds and finally magnificent blossoms to sprout. Hurry up, spring!


#3 The Migrant Break-Through


‘The Migrant Break-Through’ does not reflect the exact bird print on the blouse, but it enhances the deeper meaning by the use of feathers as an association. As the pattern is structured and the birds are arranged evenly, they remind me of migratory birds traveling to southern regions. The solidity of such a flock of birds is represented by their power to break through the fabric.

Let’s hope the birds will find their way back soon, since this would mean we survived the current freezing temperatures.

#2 The Cookie Monster


Once again I picked up the food theme for this second picture. However, this time it is less about imitating and extending the given pattern on the garment, but about associations. With the Sesame Street’s Cookie Monster one automatically associates… sure, COOKIES! While taking this photo I was taken back to my childhood watching Elmo, Big Bird and the Cookie Monster on TV. Is the series one of your childhood memories, too?

If you assume that I stole this cap from a kid who is obsessed with muppets, I have to let you down. I borrowed it from an adult woman. But you know, you are only as old as you feel.

#1 The Semi-Edible


Yum, it’s SUSHI! We start off this blog with a delicious project which I called ‘The Semi-Edible’. It’s crystal clear where my inspiration to display Nigiri and Futomaki rolls in this picture derives from: This amazing jumper with its Asian specialties (with cute little faces!) makes me crave sushi straight away. Garnished with a few splashes of soy sauce my dinner was served.