#6 The Dark Eucalyptus


Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Usually this day causes a major headache for many males around the world: Which flowers where the love’s favorites again? The man who was not attentive enough throughout the year might just go with red roses. No blame on him, however, this is also the safest (hence most boring) choice.

Why not try something different? Something unexpected? I recently bought those eucalyptus branches for the picture you can see above. I bought a huge bunch and they also make a great decoration. Personally, I was never able to answer the ‘What are your fave flowers’ question. In the future I will define ‘flowers’ more broadly and scream: Eucalyptus!

Obviously, this is not a recommendation to buy your girl a mere eucalyptus bouquet for Valentine’s, however, please take it as an inspiration.


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