#5 The Tomato Soup


Back to food. However, this is not what this picture is all about. First of all, this sweater is an eye-catcher due to its striking color. Moreover, slogans and logotyping are big topics (or rather controversies) in fashion. Either you love it or you hate it. Usually consumers buy garments or accessories with big brand logos because showing off the name of a big label is considered a status symbol and connects the wearer to a certain group.

To be honest: Due to the jumper’s ironic twinkle, I would prefer being part of the tomato community to being a member of the famous labels’ gangs. Normally cheeky or hilarious slogans tell more about the person who presents them than a brand name in bold letters.

Also: As you can tell, the photo proves that you cannot only have fun with a tomato soup sweater while wearing it.


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