#14 The Ocean’s Birds

Fly High

The sound of the waves. The surge. Seagulls floating through the salty air. The clear blue sky… That is what I associate with this week’s picture. As much as I love city trips and big metropolises, I can enjoy a relaxing beach vacation to the fullest – even if my sporting activities are limited to me moving to the buffet.

I hail from a town that is surrounded by hills, mountains, and forests, but at least once a year I mime the grilled chicken to get the tan and sun energy necessary to get through the winter. What about you, what are your plans for this year’s holidays?


#13 The Sparkling Bush


What a beautiful garment. This bodysuit combines delicate embroidery and elegant straps. Even if this piece is supposed to be worn with jeans or a pretty skirt, it reminds me a lot of a bathing suit. I’ve always worn bikinis to the beach or swimming pool, because I often connected swimsuits with the granny style. This perception definitely has changed. Swimsuits come in sexy and modern versions with elaborate details, such as cut-outs or asymmetrical straps.

I haven’t found the perfect one for the upcoming season yet, but I am sure that I won’t be searching for a long time.

#12 The Happy Color


I love the irony of this light grey shirt celebrating the color of black. Yes, for me black is a legit color. Half of my wardrobe is black, because neutral pieces are the easiest and most versatile to combine. A total black look with a pop of color makes a bold red coat or metallic shoes a real eye-catcher.

Anna Wintour wouldn’t be amused, however, I would totally risk it.

#11 The Healthy Shirt


This shirt screams summer. Incorporated bows, loose sleeves, and cute little embroidery showing superfoods. At least the avocado is considered a proper superfood. Besides healthy fats, the taste of a delicious guacamole is one of the best things eveeeer. Especially after an intense workout it is important to regain energy through healthy suppliers. A banana or avocado bread give you the necessary boost.

In case your motivation to make a visit to the gym leaves a lot to be desired: when wearing this shirt you will get so many compliments that nobody will ask about your workout routine anymore.

#10 The Lipstick Jungle

The Lipstick

I am a passionate lipstick collector. Wine-red, fiery, orangey or nude – my collection includes them all. Lately some matte colors were added, as I am obsessed with this finish.

I also have to admit that I rarely wear lipstick, because especially during the day I prefer my neutral and nourishing lip balm. But once the back of your hand resembles a rainbow of red sparkling hues, one (read: I) cannot leave the store without at least one new lipstick in the bag. My handbags are also the places where you can find all of them. Well, unless they inexplicably disappear in the depths of my purse. Weirdly the same thing happens to all my hair ties, but that is another story.

#9 The Spring Flowerbed


On March 20th we will finally reach the calendrical beginning of spring and temperatures will finally rise. Finally. Even though I live in a city where no snowfall lasts longer than 5 minutes, I miss summer’s rich and vibrant colors: Green leaves shooting and flowers starting to blossom in rich colors. To get in the mood, this scarf with orange petals forms the basis for my early flower bed.

#8 The Robot’s Greenery


A famous movie from 2008 inspired me for today’s blogpost. I am pretty sure you all know this adorable robot. In the movie, Wall·e adds the little plant in his hand to his collection of findings. On this grey and colorless shirt this tiny plant builds the only splash of color. This made me add several more leaves and a small branch that seems to belong to the picture.

#7 The Twinkling Statement


The Golden Twenties and the Great Gatsby, Studio 54, and New Year’s Eve. This dress reminds me of golden ages and extravagant parties. Even if the garment is loaded with different connotations for you, I am sure that we can agree on one thing: It is a statement.

Due to the fact that such a dress is usually not worn for an average night out with your friends, let alone before 8 pm, the wearer aims to impress and make a statement. But with this decision you should fully commit and do things in a big way (…means: elaborate hair and make-up, heels, etc.). To express the powerful radiance I added even more sequins to ignite a great firework.

#6 The Dark Eucalyptus


Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Usually this day causes a major headache for many males around the world: Which flowers where the love’s favorites again? The man who was not attentive enough throughout the year might just go with red roses. No blame on him, however, this is also the safest (hence most boring) choice.

Why not try something different? Something unexpected? I recently bought those eucalyptus branches for the picture you can see above. I bought a huge bunch and they also make a great decoration. Personally, I was never able to answer the ‘What are your fave flowers’ question. In the future I will define ‘flowers’ more broadly and scream: Eucalyptus!

Obviously, this is not a recommendation to buy your girl a mere eucalyptus bouquet for Valentine’s, however, please take it as an inspiration.

#5 The Tomato Soup


Back to food. However, this is not what this picture is all about. First of all, this sweater is an eye-catcher due to its striking color. Moreover, slogans and logotyping are big topics (or rather controversies) in fashion. Either you love it or you hate it. Usually consumers buy garments or accessories with big brand logos because showing off the name of a big label is considered a status symbol and connects the wearer to a certain group.

To be honest: Due to the jumper’s ironic twinkle, I would prefer being part of the tomato community to being a member of the famous labels’ gangs. Normally cheeky or hilarious slogans tell more about the person who presents them than a brand name in bold letters.

Also: As you can tell, the photo proves that you cannot only have fun with a tomato soup sweater while wearing it.